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The Raleigh International is a great high-end frame from 1974. Stiff and good on gravel. I purchased the frame off ebay.  I had to cold set the rear frame to fit in a new hub and Shimano components. I put the max size 650b tires that would fit it. Which in turn required new brakes for a longer reach. I utilized a White Industries crank. I recently updated the bike with a HillTopper ebike kit. I have to say I LOVE riding this bike. It is a keeper.


Phillips WWII Military Roadster

This is the 2nd bike I restored a WWII Phillips Military bicycle. It still has the original rifle mounts on it. I have yet to identify it by serial number. I kept the original parts but rebuilt the bike so it was able to be used. I found as many original parts that I could to rebuild the wheels. I did have to replace the hub with a Sturmey Archer so I added a little bling and put in a gold one. She rides like she has been to war, but once the bike gets rolling it is has its own steam. It still has the original King of the Road Lucas Bell.

Phillips WW II Military

I found this bike locally in Marin, CA. I bought it from a dealer of antiques. The bike had only one owner before purchase. The frame was bent, and it took some work to get it back into alignment. I also stripped the paint down as the new owner requested a more modern look. The bike rides like a dream. I have come to appreciate the Mixte frame for both men and women. It is a great design overall. 


Louison Bobet

I bought this bike from Ann Arbor Michigan. The bike still had the original city bike permit on it.I kept this bike original and only replaced the tires and brake cables. The rest of the rebuilt was to just preserve the original bike. It rides beautifully.



I restored this bike for a friend in PA. The bike was originally bought for her brother in his teens. He rode it, and after he left home, his father rode it. I restored it to their specifications.


I found this Schwinn Approved (made in Japan vs Chicago) Super Le Tour all chrome bike on craigslist for $50. I think it is a 1977 model. It was in rough shape when I bought it. I stripped it down to the chrome frame and rebuilt it from the ground up. I kept the components that were good enough to use and decided to add in Handsome copper fenders, copper bell, new Velo Orange handlebars, crank, Tektro brakes, Brooks Saddle, and beautiful leather grips from Hong Kong. This bike has a new proud owner. 


RobinHood 1968 Step-Through

This bike was in near-mint condition when I found it. I rebuilt all the working components from the ground up. I had to replace the shift mechanism. The new owner selected the red saddle and grips from Brooks. New tires, good ride, beautiful bike.


Phillips 1974 my first bike. I rebuilt the original parts. I upgraded a few amenities like the seat and grips for better riding.


Trek 1000 Aluminum 1986

This was the first Trek I purchased in 1986. I had joined a bicycle club and thought I knew what I was doing until I came in last for the first 3 rides. I got better, faster, and had a ton of fun riding this bike all over the midwest. I restored it a few years ago (yes I kept all the original parts) so I could ride it in a more upright position. 



This is next in line for restoration.

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